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My professional interests include all types of photography, especially model photography and multi-media presentations.  I have an extensive marketing background that has allowed me to create mass email campaigns, social network marketing, as well as traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

As a photographer I enjoy the journey of capturing a photo as much as the finished piece. Most of the time I try to stay as close to the out of camera as possible, but Photoshop and my Wacom Tablet are always fun to experiment with from time to time. In portrait/model photography I only try to enhance my models to present them in the best possible way without making any touch-ups obvious.

A little work history:

While attending college at Long Beach State I worked part-time as a fitness club manager and aerobics instructor until I graduated with a Bachelors of Music. For over the next 20 years (from 1981-2002) I worked as a self-employed fitness consultant for my own business (Personal Attention) in Orange County, California. In 2000 I re-invented myself at the College of DuPage in Illinois and received a two year certificate in Web Publishing.

In the next couple of years I transitioned into the field of graphic arts, photography, and web design. After working as a photographer and magazine artist in the male modeling field for a couple years I was hired as a marketing manager for a chiropractic management company in the San Diego, California. I remained in the San Diego for 8 years until making a big move to Austin Texas in 2010. I soon started working in downtown Austin as an IT specialist and graphic artist for the Texas Center for the Judiciary, but changed for a new position as Director of Design, Multi-Media, and Marketing for Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, where I’ve now been since 2012.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work!

Cheers – Gunther

2013 Cologne, Germany

2013 Cologne, Germany

Gunther Allen – Memorial Day 2012


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