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Welcome to my blog.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos, graphic work, videos, & other multi-media projects!

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My professional interests include all types of photography, especially model photography and multi-media presentations.  I have an extensive marketing background that has allowed me to create mass email campaigns, social network marketing, as well as traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

As a photographer I enjoy the journey of capturing a photo as much as the finished piece. Most of the time I try to stay as close to the out of camera as possible, but Photoshop is always fun to experiment with from time to time. In portrait/model photography I only try to enhance my models to present them in the best possible way without making any obvious touch-ups.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work!

Cheers – Gunther

2013 Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany

Gunther Allen – Memorial Day 

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  1. Sylwia Lepiarz says:

    Hi Gunther, i saw your beautiful picture of Magna Plaza at Sunset and i was wondering if we could get copy of this picture from you. We are the owners of Magna plaza and for our new office we would like to hang big picture of Magna to showcase its beauty. Any chance we can get bigger format so we can print huge copy?



  2. Sorry for such a late response – I had issues getting into my WP Blog for a long time… If you are still interested in picture of Magna Plaza at Sunset… please email me at guntherize@gmail.com.
    Gunther Allen

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