A Day in the Life of Izu

Posted by Gunther Allen on April 7, 2010

I’ve followed Izu since he was a cub at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. He is totally grown up and almost two years ago had his first family (Pride) of six cubs with two wives. Now most of his own cubs have been sent to other zoos and wild life parks. He only has two of his sons left that they let outside the back area every other day. Izu and his two wives are out on the opposite days to avoid conflict. They are hopeful that Izu will try for more cubs that we might be able to see next November.

Izu Reflecting

Izu Reflecting

Photography by Gunther Allen

Posted by Gunther Allen on November 16, 2009

Photographer Gunther Allen

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Below is a photo I took of Izu the dominant male or King at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  He has two wives and two years ago had 6 cubs, three with each wife.

Watchful Eye